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A Zero Cost Gifts-For-Moms Guide

A Zero Cost Gifts-For-Moms Guide

| Katherine Teague

 It's easy as moms (or really for any parent) to sacrifice the things we enjoy because we love our kids so dang much. These ideas--especially the ones in the "From a spouse" section--are good things to give--not just for Mother's Day but any random day of the year.

And for any moms reading, these things are good gifts to ask for. Give yourself permission to both want these things and to ask for them--not because you're entitled to them but because sometimes it's the little, simple luxuries in life (like crawling back into bed or sitting outside in the sunshine) that fuel us to continue on in our good work as mothers nourished, rested (at least a little) and ready to give our hearts and lives away to the people we love most.


Zero-Cost Gifts For Moms


From a spouse: 

1. Tell your wife to stay in bed Sunday Morning. 

Bring her coffee (or favorite morning drink), a yummy snack, and her favorite book or a fun magazine. After she's had a good hour or so of extra time in bed, make her breakfast and invite her to join you and your family whenever she's ready. Truly, for most any mom, this is a luxury. (Also, this happens to be my favorite suggestion - a hint to Marshall and my kids ;-)


2. Give your wife the day off.

This is an especially sweet gift if the mom in your life has a lot of little ones running around (but I do believe most any mom would appreciate this): Choose a day in the near future and tell her she gets to spend the day how she wants with who she wants. She may want to hole up at a coffee shop, walk with a friend, shop, or sleep! Give her the gift of a guilt-free day where she has no responsibilities (including no need to cook dinner!). PS- If this is possible, ask your wife if she prefers to spend a full day at home while you take the kids somewhere--this can be an added bonus to a "day off" at times.


From a kid:

1. Ask your mom to do something with you. 

That's literally her favorite thing--to spend time with you. Try to think of an activity SHE will really enjoy though--playing a game, pickle ball, a hike or walk, watching a movie, painting nails, swimming, bike riding or even something as simple as lemonade and talking on the porch--really there are endless ideas and they take only your time.


2. Write your mom a letter. 

When it comes from your heart, this gift is more valuable than anything money can buy. 




From Anyone: 

***Choose a night to cook dinner for a mom.***

Did you know moms will be responsible for 6,570 dinners in just their first child's lifetime at home?!  That's a lot of planning and cooking.  If mom is the main chef in the house, she may enjoy a night (or two) off. Below is a fool-proof, 15-minute recipe below to make it easy to wow any mom with your culinary skills! It's a staple meal in our household and is not your average spaghetti. Its flavor makes it feel like something special.



  • Posted by Judy Pepper on

    This recipe sounds sooo yummy! Going to try it after I order the sausage. Yes to every free Mother’s Day idea you said! Keep wring girl😘Judy

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